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Re: Queen's

At 10:05 PM 16/09/97 -0400, you wrote:
>	does anyone on Sloannet go to Queen's or live in the Kingston area?...i'm
>just wondering because Thrush Hermit are playing the Toucan on October 4th
>(saturday) and was wondering if anyone else was going to the show....

Any Queen's/Kingston sloannet kids/Thrush Hermit fans should pick up a copy
of the July/August issue of CFRC's Listen Up! while you can still find them
(I know that some are still kicking around the station). There's an
interview with Thrush Hermit in it and they're even the cover stars!!

On October 4th though...  I think that a lot of the Queen's/Kingston kids
will be at Clark Hall Pub that night.

---- start of shameless plug -----

CFRC's celebrating their 75th Anniversary with a big party featuring:

The New Grand
The Stand GT
The Knurlings
The Poumons
The Mini-Pops
The Pin-Ups
and *more*

keep an eye on the CFRC website for details --> http://www.queensu.ca/cfrc

---- end of shameless plug -----

   peggy :-)

peggy shanks = julep\!/limestone.kosone.com
       kingston, ontario CANADA