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Re: weird mystique?

	 i was just thinking, as in...Sloan got the big break with Geffen while in
many ways the songs on Smart Bomb are just as deserving...and from then on
Sloan sorta became the indie darlings and now are worshipped to death (not
that the hermit aren't also, but) and that...it just seem to me that if the
Hermit got the same "breaks" as Sloan got, and had a bit more popularity,
they would be as big as Sloan...the mistique part was, well....the 4 guys
in Sloan are certainly (from a general musical sense - ie, not big fan of
Sloan sense) more interesting than the guys from the hermit, albeit mabye
cause they're more popular...i dunno.. a lot of jargon here...

if	not for the weird mistique that surrounds Sloan
>What is this?  Am I out of the loop yet again?   I need to know this stuff.

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