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The TRoom at TUNS has promised bands every Friday night with no cover 
charge.  This Friday (Sept 21) is MadHat.

Here's a short show review of the Cool Blue Halo show which took place 
last Friday: It was amazing!  My judgement may be a bit coloured by the 
fact that it was my first show since moving back from Sarnia, and I was 
having serious smokey atmosphere/loud music withdrawl symptoms.  Anyway, 
they played three sets, with hardley a break in between.  They played 
almost everything from Kangaroo + some new stuff + some covers.  They 
dedicated Dog Song to me because my dog died on Sept 6th.  He had 
epilepsy, he was only 3.  There was this really strange guy there too.  
I'd seen him around campus and immediately thought he was 'strange'  and 
I was right.  No one was dancing up near the stage because of him.  He 
was doing the air guitar, and the cheesy 70's rock moves.  On a couple of 
occasions the was laying on the floor doing pelvic thrusts to the music, 
air guitaring the whole time.  Crazy.

Here's a show not to be missed if in Halifax on Sept 25th:  Kinney Starr, 
Veda Hill, and Oh Susanna at REflections.  I know it's the night before 
HOM, but be there!