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Re: TH and SLOAN weekend-long

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997 cklutz\!/buffnet.net wrote:

> thrush hermit were on at 4:15pm to which Joel says that he's never played in
> the daytime ever and doesn't want to again.  his voice is only useful after
> 6pm.

oops.  Well, they're gonna be doing it again, because Thrush Hermit and 
the Local Rabbits are playing at the University of Waterloo's Bombshelter 
(it's a bar) on Saturday, October 11.  It's ALL-AGES, and a MATINEE 
show.  If you need more info, e-mail me PRIVATELY and i'll send you more 
info as i find it.

Hmm... i wonder what two bands will be Octoberfesting that evening? :)

> the current album, next tour is for the new songs.  their 7" has been
> released.  Nice Sloannet let us know of that!    

i thought it was mentioned...  ok, so there's two songs, "Giddy with the 
Drugs" a rocker by Rob on side A, and "The Ugly Details" (i forget if 
that's the actual title) is a Joel song, a slower rock song with Rob and Ian 
handling the chorus.  They've played them live on their last tour so 
you'll recognize 'em when you hear 'em.  Good songs, very nice artwork (by 
Jon Dacey).  Actually, who cares about the music - the jacket is just SO 
cool! :)  

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