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Finally hear what we sound like!

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we here at Bucket Truck head-quarters
have just mastered the technology of MP3 sound files (where you are able to
download ad entire song at CD quality to play on your computer. The songs
are about 3 MGs each, which isn't much considering you're getting a 3.5-4
minute long song! Anyway, we'll be adding a few of these songs to our
website very shortly and all those of you who have wrote me asking about
what Bucket Truck sounds like will finally get a chance to hear.

And in other news:

1. Bucket Truck are playing Saturday, September 20th at the Super TSC night
at Memorial University with Drive and The Punters.

2. Possibly an all ages show at the edge with Potatobug (unconfirmed),
ched, good to go, molotov smile, etc.

3. We're also at Junctions the weekend of September 26th and 27th where we
will be hosting what we believe is probably the first ever (in Newfoundland
anyway) "T-shirt Release Party" - basically we're launching our new shirts
(our second set) and we just want to make a really big deal out of it! :^)

Check out our website for those MP3 files and news on the T-shirts in the
next week...

Thanks for letting me self-promote the band again!