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Re: Jonathan Richman

>        I just recognized his name in the new Exclaim from recent mentions
>in the new SFZ "Slide Show" and Sloan's cover choices on the "Party Album",
>but Bruce La Bruce gives JR a serious tongue lashing in his most recent
>Exclaim commentary.  If you can't pick it up and there's significant
>interest, I could be coerced into transcribing the article for the whole

>From Bruce LaBruce's Column in Exclaim:

"But as I was saying, Courtney is cool. He's almost too cool. I end up
going with him to see Jonathan Richman, of all people, at Barbati's Pan
because he's on the list plus entourage. The crowd is so quiet and
reverential that I and Courtney think we're at a library and can't stop
giggling like a couple of school girls and making fun of the hirsute hippie
on stage. I'm sorry, but Jonathan Richman makes me puke. You heard me. He's
so acoustic and quiet, like an arrogant poet who insists on hushed
attention. He is also a fucking organic farmer. Plus my first ex-boyfriend
loved him. I hated him ten years ago when I saw him at Larry's Hideaway,
and I hate him now. His act hasn't changed. Sincerity oozes from the stage,
like the Blob. "

A few notes (in the course of which I will not use the phrase "Washed-up,
tiresome, know-nothing Toronto Beltway scenster moron," regardless of its
remarkable pertinence:

1) "Quiet" is not a Synonym for "Weak," despite the currrent popular
misconception that it is.

2) When the fuck did sincerity become a dirty word? I'd rather have some
kind of sincerity (even if it can slip into Parsifalism) than cold,
doltish, snickering Irony nad sarcasm -- the kind practiced by
hydroencaphalic High School Students and their Ilk.

3) Johnathan Richman 	-- Founded The Modern Lovers
			--Fiercely interested in artistic independence.
			-- Commited to his work
			-- Positive Ethical Example in action and word.
			-- More than willing to innovate and experiment
("Jonathan, Te vas
			Emotioncar!"; "Johnathan Goes Country")
			-- 20+ Years of making amazing music, which has
been respected and
			claimed as an influence by thousands of bands,
covered by bands from
			The Plugz to The Silos to Sloan.

4) Bruce La Bruce: 	-- Has directed a few Rusty Videos
			-- Has a column in Exclaim

And when you put it like that, it hardly seems fair.

I was once lucky enough to interview Johnathan Richman. It was one of the
most profoundly affecting experiences in my life. If anyone would like a
copy of that to see what the fuss is about, let me know privately.

Someday I will be Dignified and Old,

James Rocchi
Editor, GroovePlanet