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Stitches and J.J. Rossy's and Wormwoods

Chris Trowbridge. <chico\!/interlog.com> posted to SloanNet regarding 
his Crazy Money Records benefit gig:

}>           Sincerely,
}>           Chris Trowbridge
}PS Thanks to Chrissie and Elaine for the photos, and to Nicky Bills (the
}Deadly Snakes manager & Crazy Money Talent Scout) for individually
}labelling all the tickets, Graham MacDougall (took 5 stitches for Crazy
}Money), Max & Sophie Danger for painting the banner.

Graham?  Can we get details?  Where?  How?

For proper EC/HNET content, I'll note that Cool Blue Halo and Soup 
are playing tonight at J.J. Rossy's, ("Halifax's #1 Student 
Night Club").  The question: Are these bands really getting popular, 
or is the lack of venues in Haltown so severe that indie-type bands 
will start playing frat houses, frosh bars and pick-up joints?

Now if only they'd do this the same night as the 5-cent wings and 
free nachos!


PS Speaking of Wings, the CKDU ad for HOM has me intrigued, 
particularly Neko Case hitching up with the always delicious Ten 
Cent Wings.

PPS Speaking of bands playing in non-traditional indie band 
venues, at Wormwoods Dog & Monkey Cinema: 

Sept 27 the HOM R&R Circus with Richard Davies, Julie Doiron, 
Woodenstars, Cheticamp, Michal Friedman, and numerous indie labels 
and comic book vendors.

Oct 3 Moonsocket and Chinstraps with short films by Mike Lewis

Oct 17 Dinner is Ruined and Orange Glass, part of the Halifax 
Experimental Music Festival which continues on the 18th at The 
Church 5657 North Street.
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