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>Hey folks:
>	Just a few final words on the show, which I'm sure you're all sick of
hearing about. Thanks to everyone who came - I hope you had a good time and
the lineup wasn't too long. Extra big thanks to Sloan & the mighty Hermit,
who went out of their way to play the show as a benefit for the Crazy Money
label... above and beyond the call of duty. And those new songs are pretty
darn catchy too... No thanks to the guys who ripped off gear from the stage
(a microphone, some drumsticks and other stuff went missing). Pretty low,
stealing gear at a benefit show. Anybody with info about the mic, please
e-mail me - Crazy Money has to pay the sound man for it. I doubt you folks
would know those jerks anyway. We just want it back, no questions asked.
Other than that, the night went off without a hitch. Again, apologies for
the back and forth about whether it was happening. It was a pretty
confusing couple of days. Hope you can all make it to the next Crazy Money
>			Sincerely,
>			Chris Trowbridge
PS Thanks to Chrissie and Elaine for the photos, and to Nicky Bills (the
Deadly Snakes manager & Crazy Money Talent Scout) for individually
labelling all the tickets, Graham MacDougall (took 5 stitches for Crazy
Money), Max & Sophie Danger for painting the banner.