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savory/ppl with labels/other stuff

hey guyz...

it's that time again where i plead desperately to all of you to contribute
to "savory", the zine of which i'm co editor. i don't want to take up too
much space, so i'll just say briefly that we reeeeally need some
contributors to do scene reports, reviews of books/shows/movies/music,
articles, art etc. please be in touch with me asap if you'd like to do
anything, our tentative deadline is sept 22nd. all contributors get a free
copy of the zine ... east coast content: the 4th issue has an interview
with jale. also there's a chance to win free subpop stuff... so yeah,
contribute and you'll get a copy and you can read the interview and win
free shite! anyone i still owe a copy to please get in touch with me. james
r. i'm still holding onto a copy for you!!

also, i know there's alot of ppl on this list who have their own labels/are
involved with a label. each issue we have a label "spotlight" where we
feature indie labels... free advertising!!! woo hoo! get in touch with me
if yr interested. 

about the buffalo show, i heard the one at night was canceled and the free
one in the afternoon was still on. i may be wrong.

is heather harkins still on here? heather, can you get in touch with me by
email? does anyone else have her addy??

thanks alot for yr time guyz :)
take care