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lots of silly things

hi everyone!

well, leave it to me to miss the *secret* sloan gig last night. story of 
my life. but anyway...now for some shameless self promotion for my zine, 

issue#2 the infamous (not really) stalking issue is finished! it 
includes funny funny stories from you, more ruthless advice, supergrass 
stuff, spice girls bashing, top ten things, the centre of the sloan 
universe in kentucky, sloan dressed as sailor moon characters?, 
something on edgefest, some more car stuff i just don't get, and an 
excerpt from our collaborative novel in the making *take a hike* which 
includes as main characters the guys from sloan during their formative 
years. my friends think its funny, but i just don't know...

oh, there's another story excerpt called *headtrip* in it too. plus, 
i'll even send you a nice sticker along with the zine. i'm sure there's 
more to say, but i can't remember everything right now. 

email me for more info and stuff at amyerica\!/hotmail.com or 
subterraneangirl\!/hotmail.com. either one is fine.


ps. i think you can vote for sloan for the muchmusic video awards on the 
much web page too.

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