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The not-so-secret Sloan gig...

Hey y'all,
Just got back from Club Shanghai - and I'm still recovering. My girl
Chrissie will go more in-depth about details, but I'll just give a brief
synopsis. Let's see, I saw Thrush Hermit perform for the very first time
tonight - totally kick ass set (Joel was of course wearing his trademark
"JOEL" belt buckle.) Sloan of course were amazing too - that goes without
saying. They played a helluva lot of new material (new album must be comin'
out in very soon in the future! Yay!) But um, y'see, I'd LIKE to give you
guys the name of the new tunes, but you see, these kind and very giving
individuals next to me hoarded practically all of damn set lists, so uh, you
can thank them (me bitter? Nooo...) What was also unbelievable was that
right after the set lists were snatched away after Sloan left the stage,
about two dozen more people clamoured onto the stage and stole everything
from drumsticks to the microphone that Chris Murphy used. VUL-tures I tell
you. The highlight of the evening when Ian was asked back on stage during
Sloan's encore- Ian took over Chris' bass and Chris took the mic and
proceeded to do the Mick Jagger chicken-dance while crooning into the mic (I
think they did a cover song- I'm not quite sure...) Being the idiot that I
am, I ran out of film before the encore, so I could not capture the moment
for all to see :( Oh yes, I don't know if I should spare you the details,
but Chris pulled a Michael Jackson and grabbed his goodies while getting
into the encore song. Shocking yet hilarious and amusing at the same time.
He also pretended to grab Ian's goodies too several times during the
performance. I'm sorry. I just felt I had to share that special moment with
you (too much info there?) Anyway, I've embarrassed myself enough. Good
luckers to Sloan and TH on their U.S. tour, and many thank-you's to Chris
Trowbridge for putting on a su-pah show! (Nice to finally meet you by the way!) 

i'll shut up now...
Elaine :)   
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