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Sloan and Thrush Hermit review

Hey everyone,
Elaine's not the only one recovering from tonight's show. I'm still
partially deaf, but it was worth it. How often do you get to see two amazing
bands like Sloan and Thrush Hermit play in an intimate setting like Club
Shanghai? Toronto was the first city to see them on their current tour! WOO-HOO!

I'm glad Elaine was finally able to see Thrush Hermit live. This was my 5th
time seeing them this year (hard to believe) but they played a few new songs
they didn't do last time which I think have been released on murderecords.
They did some old faves too like "Patriot", "25 All Right", and songs from
their current album: "On The Sneak" (request the video on MuchMusic for
Ian!), "North Dakota", "Heart Wrenching Man". Club Shanghai had a few red
Chinese lanterns hanging above the stage which seemed to get in the way of
the bands. No problem; Joel just bit the tassles on the lantern and yanked
it down! For those in the Toronto area, don't miss Thrush Hermit when they
return to the Horseshoe on October 9th. 

Elaine was right: Sloan played a LOT of new material. I'm trying to remember
what else they played but my head is still spinning (please forgive me).
Okay, there was "Dignified & Old", "Penpals", "The Good In Everyone", "The
Lines You Amend", "I Am The Cancer", "Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay",
"Anyone Who's Anyone", ummm... I know I'm forgetting a few. They came back
for an encore - to which Patrick and Chris corrected us on the proper way to
chant for them - and they performed "Jumpin' Jack Flash". It was funny to
see Chris showing Ian McGettigan which chords to play but I don't think Ian
was expecting to return to the stage. Surprise! Chris nearly toppled over
his monitor and I thought he was going to fall on me and Elaine (who were
standing right below), but luckily he was able to get back onstage. The kids
went crazy after the show, stealing everything in sight. Maybe those guys
who took every set list up there will be nice enough to provide us with all
the songs.

Chris Trowbridge must be commended for pulling off such a terrific show,
considering that a certain someone blabbed about it on a certain music video
station. I won't hold it against her though. :) It was nice to see some of
the Deadly Snakes there too. Hey guys! Good luck at Halifax On Music this year!

Chrissie Walker