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Re: Halifax's On music Festival (LONG)

hey folks

This information is all courtesy of the Sept issue of _Exclaim!_ 
magazine, available in most major cities across Canada.  I am re-iterating 
what is in the ad.  So don't write me for any more info.
(geez, i'm doing HoM a favour.  I think I should get something ;) )

September 26, 27, 28

FULL DELEGATE PASS - $100 plus taxes
  Includes guarenteed entrance to all festival events, including Saturday's
  Rock'n Roll Carnival.  Festival Delegates will also receive the Halifax On
  Music Survival Bag and an invitation to the Halifax Off The Wagon cocktail

BAR PASS: $40 plus taxes
  Includes "first come, first served" entrance to all bar shows, the Grand
  Finale Show, and the Rock'n Roll Carnival.

ALL AGES PASS: $20 plus taxes
  Includes "first come, first served" entrance to Friday and Saturday night
  shows, Grand Finale Show, and the Rock'n Roll Carnival.

For a full festival line-up, festival schedule or to purchase passes and 
tickets by phone, please call 902-452-MUSIC.
Pick up the final festival line-up in the September 26th issue of The Coast.

For information and accomodations call Uniglobe MCM Travel, the official 
agency of Halifax On Music, at 1-888-881-3262.

Halifax On Music is brought to you by Proper Productions Ltd.

...and now, what you've been waiting for...

Friday, September 26

The Grifters
Thrush Hermit
Neko Case (of Maow) (+ the Ten Cent Wings!!!!!)
Number One Cup
Moon Socket
Shallow North Dakota
State Champs
Rome Plows
Syrup USA
Soaking Up Jagged
Teen Wolf

Saturday, September 27

Yo La Tengo
Ron Sexsmith
Pansy Division
Lady Bug Transistor
The Inbreds
The Vees (formerly Jale)  (formerly Tag, formerly the artist, formerly..)
Rebecca West
Deadly Snakes
Cool Blue Halo
Tricky Woo
Plumtree (new album out October 6th!  Hurray!!!!!)
Shyne Factory

(and I think the indie symposium is this day as well, featuring Julie 
Doiron, Richard Davies, and ***CHETICAMP*** among others...  but you didn't 
hear this from me.  Nope. :) )

Sunday, September 28

Yo La Tengo
Papas Fritas
By Divine Right
The Euphonic
and more!

(the ad ends here)

There was NO info about venues, or individual show costs, nor the 
distinction between bar shows and all-ages shows.  And again, DON'T ASK 
ME FOR MORE INFO BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW!!!  Call the festival organizers at 
the number listed way above.

Halifax on Music should love me for this.... 

			...sizzle teen

 carol nishitoba  :)  ...  3B E.R.S., co-op   ...  ccnishit\!/fes.uwaterloo.ca 
               Poster Girl Records & _in the meantime..._ zine