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were there any posts about hom that were informative? like how much 
the shows cost and who's playing where? the coast said it would have 
a final line up in like the sept 26th or something issue, but like 
that's kinda short notice, isn't it? and what's with ''get your 
tickets now 'cause it might sell out!!''?!?!? they don't tell you 
whos playing where but they tell you to get tickets now?!?! ok, i 
could be very wrong about all this 'cause i didn't have net access 
all summer, so therefore i had no sloannet, and i can't afford 
newspapers. so if anyone can tell me anything i'd be a very somewhat 
happy camper. :) oh yeah, there's only **ONE** all ages venue?!?!?!? 
what's up with that!!?? 
**don't waste time answering the last question; i know there's a 
shortage of venues here, all ages or otherwise. :)
thank you for shopping at sears and have a nice day.
kelli :)