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let's get this party started


i was juat at a so-so/never have what you want record shop in buffalo, ny.
and at the sloan bin, where there's 10 2xr's and 10 octa's, there was a sign
to ask up front about a "one chord to another double lp".  so i asked and
they pointed me to the tiny 12" shelf.  and low and behold, there's one 12"
one chord/party album for a mere $4.99!  i already have three copies of octa
but i couldn't pass it up at $4.99(i think i would have bought it no matter
the price:))  for anyone who hasn't seen it, here's a descrip:

it's not a gate-fold.  the outside is the same as the murder 12".  
there's an insert that's a single sheet, unlike the murder 12".  it's all
black and white, one side is the party album sleeve picture with the band
and the song titles.  the other side has the string of heads in the middle
of the page.  on top in small print is the paragraph done by Chico Sanchez
sans "large scripted V".  below the pic to the right is the thank-you

sorry, had to share.....don't think any here has mentioned they have seen it