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de retour/back

I'm back from summer vacation.  Spent good part of it in Montreal, 
where I saw Broken Girl (or should I say Julie Doiron now...) and 
Elevator to Hell.

I will post the setlist to the Broken Girl show in a day or two, as I 
still have to connect the lyric fragments of the new songs that I 
scribbled down at the time to the actual song titles on the new 
record.  Which I bought in Moncton a few days ago.  Which is amazing. 
And different to what I expected.  Fuller, more mature sound.  More 
on that later.

The Elevator to Hell CD is another matter entirely.  It is OK, but 
for some reason, Rick mixed down his voice.  After the stellar effort 
of Parts 1-3, it's a letdown for me.  Still, he put the lyrics this 
time, so I won't have to transcribe them. ;-).

Expect an Elevator to Hell and new Broken Girl (corrected and 
expanded) lyric and tab file from me relatively soon.

And Adam, if you're still on this list, I still haven't looked at 
those ET lyrics.  I feel badly about this.  I'll make a point of 
looking at them soon, when I'm compiling the ETH and BG stuff.

Hope you all had as good a summer as I have.  It was wicked.