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Re: Questions Questions

Does any one have any Sloan rarities and/or b-sides to uploand to me? I'll
trade some stuff for the Sloan stuff.

Anyways, my name is Paul and I'm new SloanNet member and I can sort of help
you out.  I know the song writers' names but not the bands.

1-I Can Feel It 
   (Hansen, ha! ha! I know lame joke)

2-Dignified And Old
   (Jonathan Richman)

3-Glitter And Gold
   (Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)

4-Over You
    (Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzanera)

5-I Am The Cancer
   (Juda's Priest, ya watever)

6-I Can't Let Go
   (Taylor and Gordini)

7-Stood Up
   (Matthew Grimson, it's not the one on the 7" vinyl, you probably know)

8-On The Road Again/Transona Five
   (Jones-wilson/Gane and sadier, I know that its Canned Heat that plays this

9-I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love
   (Myles Goodwyn)