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Re: Jale trilogy

well, they didn't change the set list for the london show... except in the
middle the order went: stay away, double edge, from a still, 7:30. over
you... anyways, i don't know what to say about the show except it was
super... they had a really good crowd, which is a nice change in the london
scene... a fair amount of ppl were there. i did an interview for issue #4
of savory, and will post about how to order it when it's out :)
c'est tout!

>it's hard really to relay differences between shows, since they had the same
>set list all three nights.  to change tonight in London.
>Hey hey
>Denied(cheticamp song)
>Sign of life
>Scenic yukon
>(this song is one of my faves of all time, and i hope thay they have this
>for like a bonus track on the EP or something.  because they do it different
>now.  no bass, laura has a tamborine.  jennifer lightly plays and there were
>a few twangs from mike begin.  at the end mike belitsky rapped it up)
>Stay away
>>From a still
>Over you
>Don the edge
>True what you see
>All ready
>Chicago lights

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