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halifax- strange venues/weird shows

brief hfx show/venue reviews: (don't really miss birdland all that much)
 1. the blues corner, across the street fr ritzy condos (re:birdland 
license denial), hosts 3 sets a night of bands featuring chad fr thee 
suddens (who also takes yr $2 at the door:)...flashing lights( with mod 
suits, blistering guitar solos) are the coolest 60s cover band in town & 
soaking up jagged (the week before) have the best anti-goth song ever 
("whydoyou? whydoyou? vampire. rock. like oil & water") - perplexed bar 
staff & handsome view of condo interiors (fr the window of the bar, can't 
these people afford curtains?). Yo La Tengo appearing here soon (HOM). 

 2. el strato, seedy bar (with video gambling)- last show a couple of wks 
ago- hurrah for living the dream, piggy shot a video, purple knight-like band 
fr moncton did purple-knightlike song about jim morrison's death. hip&dirty.

 3. the practice space (free!)- last sat night- at 12:30am moonsocket 
were just finishing a spirited rendition of "somebody else's love" (only 
band performing with a set list, how serious this has all become:(... SUJ 
up next in guitarist's farewell show (moving to TO), flashing lights got 
everyone dancing (amazing drummer benn learned 1 song fr matt m, who 
slapped out the rythmn on his legs, just minutes before)... 15 min. 
version of theme song! kick like 50/johnny guitar (mike fr thee suddens), 
then rick on the skins. it was 4am & we left as mike, ron & chris t 
(playing drums) were *still* playing... 

 4. JJ rossy's- top 40 dance bar- hosts cool blue halo thurs night. weird.
   we'll see...

 "i know so many people here b/c i leave...frequently..." -sam
     (montreal,san francisco, moncton, hfx)