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Julie Doiron loneliest in the morning review

Hi everyone

well yesterday I picked up the new Julie Doiron record and after seeing the
sappy tour and remembering most of the songs, I knew that this was something
special.  The record opens off with a familliar number, so fast, but it's a
different version than the one on the MOOSN comp.  and then continues on
into an amazing 14 songs, many of which seem to touch her feelings and
emotions about motherhood.  The songs themselves are simple, mostly just
guitar and voice, with the odd twangy additions added in by the likes of
Dave Shouse of the Grifters, and Howe Gelb from giant sand among others.
It's not sad, but I wouldn't call it poppy, it has struck me as a very
soothing and beautiful record that is just in everyway a wonderful thing to
listen to.  I haven't been able to stop listening to this since I got it!
It's full of a lot of little things that are just so neat.  As far as my
personal favourite songs go I could easily say all of them, because there
aren't any weak songs it at all, but the ones that really make me smile are
'tell you again' 'tonight we sleep' 'mother' and 'le soleil'.  The album
ends on le soleil which is a song that she has been doing live for a while
now I believe.  It is sung completely in french, and just sends shivers down
your back.  The sleeve itself has some paintings by jon in it which are
really great.
I love the record very much, I knew I would a long time ago after hearing
the songs live.  The tour will be amazing, I can't wait to see her play
these songs again with the wooden stars as her backup band.  Anyways, if
anyone has anything to add to this please do!  

Your friend, Matt.

(ps: I also picked up eerieconsilation too, but I haven't really given it a
fair listen yet.  As of now it strikes me as being very much the same
feeling as parts 1-3, but with a little less organ.  Very great as well,
I'll try and get around to reviewing it as well later.)