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HempWare benefit last night in St. John's with LizBand, Bucket Truck...


Nikki, the owner of the HempWare franchise store here in St. John's has
been charged with a number of crimes for selling goods in her store that
are widely accepted everywhere else in Canada and beyond. So far, her case
looks good and she will probably win but she is having many problems trying
to build up the necessary $180/hour lawyer fees...

Last night at Junctions a group of bands and speakers presented a benefit
concert to help Nikki out - (in order) Thumb (new guys), 4:20 (the local
percussion group), the LizBand, and Bucket Truck closed out till about 2:10
AM, all took to the stage with a series of speakers and managed to raise
over $800. The show was fantastic, all bands seemed to go over extremely
well and I think everybody appreciated the effort. 

Whether anybody may have supported this event based on their beleifs on
hemp use, etc. no one can argue the fact that if hempware is a chain of
stores represented all across Canada, and Newfoundland is the first
province to have a problem with the store - then there is just something
wrong with our system. No one should get screwed around in this way, I hope
the government ends up losing big time! ;^)

Anyway, my real reason for writing this was as a show review.... better
luck next time huh.

Jud Haynes,

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