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"incredibly dumb"?

At 10:10 AM 8/29/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Does anyone know whether or not the Jale show at the Rivoli is
>>> all-ages?
>>no its 19+. does anyone else think that's incredibly dumb?
>No, I don't.
>Venues that don't make money don't stay open.
>But, we've talked about this before.

I can't remember if I threw my two cents in before:

It *is* possible to get a great band, have an all-ages show, and make
everyone happy. The hard part is doing that and selling beer with the
little underagers underfoot... especially in a place like the Rivoli that
has a capacity of 100something.

It's not dumb that bars are doing that; what's dumb is that people aren't
doing anything about it. It's completely possible to get ahold of the
bands' booking agents and set up an all-ages show, especially in a town
where they're not already playing (or, occasionally, outbid the local
bar!). I've never tried it, but I suspect one might be able to do a
concurrent all-ages show in Toronto when a band's playing a 19+ gig...

In fact, Ali at Billions told me she wished there were more people doing
their own shows; with so many live music bars shutting down, she's finding
it hard to book even illustrious bands like jale and the Inbreds in many
major cities...

So stop grumbling, and DO IT YOURSELF, dammit.

If anyone's interested in starting, drop me a line. There are some cool EC
tours coming up in October that may be looking for more dates...


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