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Re: "incredibly dumb"?

Ok. when i said 'incredibly dumb', i didn't mean it as a slant against the
rivoli. i've been to many all ages shows there and they're great for
putting them on. It just makes me mad that because i'm under 19, i won't be
able to see jale. seeing as its their last show, its a double whammy!...but
its not the club's fault. i should have been more specific.

> So stop grumbling, and DO IT YOURSELF, dammit.
	i agree! friends of mine put on a show for the parkdale youth group and
got by divine right and mitch from poledo to play. on top of that, doing
your own show allows you to book younger bands that wouldn't usually be
able to play with the bigger indie bands. also, if you do it as a
charity/benifit show for something (in their case, the youth group) you are
more likely to get co-operation from ppl.
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