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Re: The Artist Formally Known as Broken Girl

At 01:16 PM 8/29/97 -0230, you wrote:
>> Hey so has that Julie Dorion(hope the sp. is right) album come out yet? 
>> I remember hearing about it's release being this week, but I haven't
>> heard anything about it on Sloannet. Well I haven't been to a record
>> store in a couple of weeks also. Has it been pushed back to another date?
>>  Also is the new Elevator to Hell album still set for an early Sept.
>> release?  
>the new julie doiron album is out now.... it came out on the 26th.  the new
>elevator is set to come out on september 9th.  
I thought the ETH was out the same day as julie's album.  Didn't someone who
reviewed Julie's album on Sloannet say they had the Eth, but hadn't gave it
a good listen yet?  I don't know, this is what I thought.