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A Pot-Pourri of stuff...

Hey y'all
Woo-hoo! Went to the Jale show in T.O. last night! I thought they did an
incredible set (Chrissie will write more about the gig...allo Chrissie?) I
was able to snatch away the set list off the stage when they finished
playing :) - I'm gonna go have it mounted and framed... Ohh yeah, Jay
Ferguson was also at the show last night, but we didn't have a chance to
chat with him. #\!/*$!!!

There are two articles in Toronto's NOW and EYE magazine regarding Jale, so
ah, I'll type that up on a different post entitled "Jale Articles". If ya
wanna read it, good. If ya don't wanna read it, delete it...

I have been told that Sloan has been nominated this year for "The Best
Video" for "Everything You've Done Wrong". You can vote by calling
1-800-226-VOTE, or go to a local Blockbuster, or go to the Much Music
website (i don't know if the voting booths are ready at the site though...) 

Just incase you didn't know, Chart magazine is still offering the following
back issues regarding Sloan: 
July 1996 - $5 - Sloan on cover, along with Stereolab 
March 1996 - $10 - The Top 50 Canadian Albums & Singles of All Time 
Dec 1995 - $5 - (Okay, it's not Sloan, but The Super Friendz are on the
cover, and they're just as good... :)
You can send your back issue orders to Chart Communications Inc., #200-41
Britain St., Toronto ONT M5A 1R7. And add 7% GST. But um, I'm guessing all
the Sloannetters here already have these issues...

On a more serious note, I recently read in a newspaper article that the
owner of the Concert Hall here in Toronto (aka The Masonic Temple) has filed
an application to demolish building, because he wants to build an apartment
complex on the site. For those of you who don't live in the T.O. area, the
Concert Hall is an over 100-year old historical building which has housed
concerts, conventions, release parties, and other social functions. The
Concert Hall was (is) known for catering to both big bands and
lesser-known-but-just-as-good bands (THE Rolling Stones chose the venue as
their rehersal place for their upcoming world tour!) And many Toronto fans
may remember that the Concert Hall was where Sloan played their gig on the
date of Patrick's birthday -where Patrick (attempted) to smash a guitar on
stage to celebrate the occasion :) But anyway, I do have a point - it would
be a terrible shame to lose such an important concert venue. I don't know
about you, but I prefer the intimacy of the small Concert Hall stage over a
sports-arena venue any day - it lets the fans feel and be closer to the
band.  Losing the Concert Hall would be like losing The Birdland (I
suppose.) Does anybody have any idea where and who to write to complain? I
think it's our duty as music fans to go and let our dissatifaction be heard
about the situation - to ensure that great bands - including Sloan - will
still be able to play small-venue settings in the future. Fellow music fans
- start an uprise!! Rant!! Rave!! Raise hell!!! Powa to tha people!!! Okay -
sorry - I will get off my soap box now.