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Jale Articles

Now Magazine Article...by Matt Galloway, Kim Hughes, and Tim Perlich
        No doubt the members of Halifax pop combo Jale could have done
without the headaches of the past year.
        In the weeks following the release of the group's So Wound sophomore
disc, guitarist Eve Hartling left the band to spend time with her new
daughter, the group tried and failed to tour as a trio and was
unceremoniously dropped by Sub Pop in the wake of the struggling Seattle
label's recent housecleaning. 
        Given the circumstances, few would have been shocked had Jale's
remaining original members - guiartist Jennifer Pierce and bassist Laura
Stein - and 96 drumming addition Mike Belitsky decided to pack it in, and in
a way, they have. 
        A new single is out now on Sealed Fate records and a short tour
brings Jale to the Rivoli Friday (August 29). Shortly after that, Jale is
history, with the trio to be reborn as the Vees.
        "I've gotten into trouble already for talking about the Sub Pop
thing," Pierce laughs from rural Quebec. "Apparently, I'm not supposed to be
disappointed. When it happened I was upset, but now I feel like nothing
better could have happened to us. 
        "We were kind of a mess when it went down. Eve had just had here
baby and left the band, and we tried to do this tour but we were weak and
disabled. Laura and I had to make some decisions - I'm living in Montreal
now, she's in Halifax and Mike is in New York - but we all love working
together, so there was no chance of stopping. 
        "Being free from Sub Pop, we can do things at our own pace, and no
one's pressuring us or telling us that we're going to be really famous. The
Vees have an EP coming out in September, and it's just us doing the work.
There's nothing out of our control now."

EYE article by C.J. O'Connor, Jason Anderson
        Jale break? Um...sort of. Turns out the ominously christened
"Farewell Tour" for Jale - which comes to the Rivoli Friday Aug 29 with By
Divine Right and The Mango Kid - and the last-stop CMJ showcase in New York
is not a harbinger of careers in cab driving or English supply teaching. Nor
is it a prelude to Sloan-like vampiric resurection. So what, exactly, is it,
Mr. Colin Mackenzie of Murderecords?
        "Well, as you know, Alyson left Jale two years ago, and now that
Eve's left there are only two members left who fit the acronym: Jennifer and
Laura. Add that to the fact that they've just parted ways with Sub Pop and
it just seemed like a time for a fresh start."
        Jennifer and Laura (with token guy Mike) will continue on as The
Vees, with all-new material and a debut EP coming in October [huh?? I
thought NOW said Sept...*scratching head*]. The CMJ spot, incidentally, is
not even the final Jale show (that's the following day in Boston), but these
shows do feature guest guitarist Mike Begin from Rome Plows. The Vees's
first show qua Vees will be at Halifax On Music. 

My fingers are tired now...
-Elaine :)