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Eerieconsiliation, a review of pure gold

Hi Sloannet.
I promised earlier to write about the new ETH, so I can't give it up now!
I've given it lots and lots of long hard listens now, and I'm ready to
report.  A quick summery would be this: This record is a lot more like their
seven inch releases, mostly guitar, bass, drums and voice, not a lot of
organ.  The Same classic eth noises, the super echo and fuzzy bass are all
on center stage.  
The record opens up with that oh so cliche rick white trick of the sounds of
birds and wind, chirping with nature.  I almost expected that.  The first
song is definatly a rockin' opener! It's called the cloud, and it's one of
my faves.  There's a new version of backteeth that's really great! There's a
song called Hurricane that's very Neil Young-esque...but it's still done
with the elevator to hell feel.  Mark has one song, it's certainly one of
the best songs  on the record.  There's a song called 'inevitably' that's
another one of the best songs in my opinion.  It's about how the end of the
world is in 1997.   The elevator to hell organ doesn't even make it's first
appearence until the fifth song, "suddenly" I think...unless I missed it
The artwork is definatly something to shake a stick at as well! It's sort of
in the same vein as the typical cut and paste photo, assembly thing, but
it's done in a new way this time. 
Sometime that really struck me after a few listens is that it doesn't sound
home recorded.  It was recorded at the Xanadu room as all the other
recordings, but it's very much like purple blue, it sounds like it was
recorded in a studio, there are no 'home recording-ish' sounds on this one,
maybe they feel like it's been done enough already on their previous stuff,
but you won't find hidden conversations, or the sound of coughing and all
that on this one, it's just straight foreward rock and roll music.  I like
this, but I also really like the charm of all the 'home' sounds that have
been on their other stuff, maybe their sick of it, or they've grown out of it.  
Bad thoughts coming down is definatly the perfect hit single, it won't be
long before every commercial rock station in the world is playing it in
heavy rotation...maybe.
So all in all, it's definatly worth getting, if you liked their earlier
stuff you'll love this too, it doesn't stray that far away from it, but it's
still different enough that it's new and exciting.  

Have a great day everyone!