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Jale trilogy

hey hey,

here's the story from me who just saw jale three days in a row,

wednesday in waterloo:

Great job Patrick Wilkins!

there were two openers for this gig in a student's house living room.
the three core members of Jale/the vees seem to get along really well,
kidding joking etc.  laura and jennifer were whispering together at the
start of their set when mike asks, "what's going on up there?"  they say in
unison, "oh, nothing"  

thurs in st. catherines,

one local opener
jennifer and laura came out in "vees" shirts.  which they were selling with
their stuff at the table.  don't know where the "tradition"??? of sitting at
a show came about, but the whole place was on there bum either on the floor
or at a table, i think i was one of 5 or 6 on their feet for this.  shame.  

fri in toronto,

two openers
(that first guy looked like danko jones, was it?)
they came out in 'vees' shirts again.  they're making sure to let all know
that they aren't going away, by promoting they're soon transfer as the vees

it's hard really to relay differences between shows, since they had the same
set list all three nights.  to change tonight in London.

Hey hey
Denied(cheticamp song)
Sign of life
Scenic yukon
(this song is one of my faves of all time, and i hope thay they have this
for like a bonus track on the EP or something.  because they do it different
now.  no bass, laura has a tamborine.  jennifer lightly plays and there were
a few twangs from mike begin.  at the end mike belitsky rapped it up)
Stay away
>From a still
Over you
Don the edge
True what you see
All ready
Chicago lights

on wednesday and friday, they squeezed out one encore.  a new song that
they've taken the stage to practice with it.  wednesday they didn't evn
finish it, friday they did.

mike begin is doing a phenomenal job at playing 2nd guitar for them.  if u
haven't seen them yet, do your best.  he plays like matt murphy, head
swinging, twanging.
very good.  "....i am in jale for the tour ONLY..."  "this is mike begin,
and he's in the ROME PLOWS ONLY"  two quotes from mike and jenny.

and since the three of them will be the vees, looks like it's the last for
the Jale songs to be seen played on stage, since they'll have only one guitar:(
Please keep the 7" songs!


later hips and later lips
i see you hit your stride
yellow finger pulls the trigger,
smoke cleared from my eyes.