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Jale's farewell in Toronto

Elaine - don't worry, I'm still here. I know I promised to write about the
Jale show in Toronto so I'm doing it now. Ta da! Better late than never. 

Elaine and I were expecting to see more people waiting to get into the
Rivoli right when the doors opened. I guess we were the most dedicated
people there that night (first in line!). After we sat down at the table
right by the stage we had to wait over an hour for the first act to appear.
He was billed as the Mango Kid, but you all probably know him better as
Danko Jones. Elaine even said, "Isn't that the guy in the Rusty video?"
Yeah! The video for "Empty Cell" where Floria Sigismondi drags him into her
car and then the action begins. Danko was solo that night, though I saw his
bandmates wandering around the place earlier. He sat on a chair, wearing his
trademark suit, and sang a whole lot of songs about love and relationships.
His set was well-received, though I have to admit I wasn't all too familiar
with his songs.

Shortly after the Mango Kid left the stage, By Divine Right appeared and
Elaine and I moved right in front of the stage. We were camera-happy again,
and it looked like we were the only ones for a while. The band seemed to be
enjoying themselves up there. The last time I saw Brendan Canning perform he
was about to keel over. Okay not really; he was just feeling sick at the
time. I highly recommend that everyone rush out to buy their CD "All Hail
Discordia" if you haven't already. Jay Ferguson even chose to play their
song "Sofa Tour" when he appeared on Lee Carter's CBC radio show last night.
After BDR's set I talked to their singer Jose and got the set list, so in
case you weren't there to hear these terrific songs, here they are:
 I Love Everybody
 Sofa Tour
 Highway Alien Paranoia
 Belly Flop
 Twisted Crystalline
 Double Album
They played "Belly Flop" at Brendan's request, though it's an oldie.
"Twisted Crystalline" isn't on the CD either. I heard some people shouting
at Jose 'cos they wanted to hear "Surgeon General" - and I would've liked to
have heard it too - but Brendan replied, "We can't play the hits all the
time." Hey, if anyone sees By Divine Right at Halifax on Music, please
report their setlist to Sloannet. It would be most appreciated by moi.

Jale took to the stage shortly after midnight with Laura and Jenn wearing
their VEES T-shirts. Elaine and I were still right in front of the stage,
this time accompanied by Carol Nishitoba of the awesome Poster Girl Records
(hi Carol!). We continued taking pictures all night long. I mean, this was
their farewell show so we needed something to remember it by. I'm not going
to type out their set list 'cos I think someone already did that - the guy
who saw Jale 3 days in a row. Wow, and I thought Elaine and I were the
dedicated ones. I really enjoyed their set, particularly "Double Edge", the
new single "True What You Say" and "All Ready". Halfway into Jale's set, my
allergies got the best of me and my eyes got all watery and my nose was
runny. I think Elaine will remember me reaching for the Kleenex between
songs. The band probably thought I was all emotional at this farewell show
(from my tears), but I was really just trying not to sneeze during their
set. So if anyone saw a girl standing there between Jenn and Laura who
looked like she was crying and wiping her nose, yes that was me, but I
wasn't upset. And Elaine, I'm feeling better today.

Once again there were celebs in attendance at this show, but it was kinda
dark in there and hard to see everyone. I do believe I spotted John Kastner
of the Doughboys, as well as Jay Ferguson. Hey, at least we managed to stick
around til the show was over this time. If you recall our previous
experiences at Club Shanghai, you'll know that Elaine and I had to leave
early both times. Not at the Rivoli!