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Crappo gig in Toronto

Seems like only yesterday that Elaine and I were at Club Shanghai in Toronto
enjoying the amazing show put on by Copland and The Deadly Snakes. Wait a
second, it WAS yesterday, but we ended up going back there again tonight!
Why you ask? So we could be entertained once more by bands with ties to
Sloan and the gang. The poster read "Club Shanghai presents Neko Case of
Maow & Her Boyfriends, also The Brown Belts and Crappo". We arrived there a
tad bit early but that was okay: we kept ourselves amused playing
Streetfighter and another video game but the name escapes me. It had these 2
tough-looking female characters named Pai and Sarah who kept pummelling each
other and doing karate kicks til they got K.O.'d. I liked Pai 'cos she
always did the crane movement - like Ralph "The Karate Kid" Macchio -
whenever she won the match. It was a bit distracting to see her tiny blue
hat fall to the ground everytime Sarah would knock her down, or out of the
ring even. Enough about that, on to the show:

We heard some really loud feedback coming from the speakers as we were
finishing our game of Streetfighter, so we headed back towards the stage and
got a table right up front. We sat there during the soundcheck for Neko Case
(and her boyfriends: Dallas Good, Keith Rose and Ken Kempster). We watched
it as though it was her actual set since we had to leave early and this was
the only chance we'd get to see Neko that night. Her band had that great
country sound and I really wish we could've stuck around to see them later.
Oh well...

Elaine and I sat there for a while, anticipating the Crappo set, but nothing
really happened for some time. We sat at our table and talked, then realized
we were sitting right in front of Andrew Scott, Fiona Highet and Matt
Murphy! We finally noticed someone getting up onstage with an acoustic
guitar but not much else. I don't know his name but he did a very long set
of straight-ahead country tunes with some yodelling in there. He even asked
the audience to sing along with the chorus to his song "Big Wide River Of
Love". I'm guessing he played for almost an hour, then the crowd cheered him
on for an encore. His set was okay in the beginning but after a while Elaine
and I agreed that it got a bit repetitive. I do give him credit for writing
original songs; it's just that he started to remind me of Conan O'Brien
singing "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers (I'm sure other Conan fans out there
will understand what I'm saying).

There was another break after the country man's set and we sat there,
wondering when Crappo would get to play their songs. Our prayers were
answered when the band got onstage around 11:40pm. Yay! But then Elaine and
I were wondering who the lady with the long hair was, as we watched her set
up a guitar and place the set list on the stage. To our surprise it was none
other than Laura Borealis, Crappo's singer/guitarist (with a wig, of
course). The rest of the band joined her: Greg (vocals/guitar), Andrew
(bass), Julie (vocals/drums) and Fiona (vocals/guitar/drums). I was quite
impressed to see 2 percussionists up there playing in the same band but it
sounded great. For those of you who missed it, here's the songs that Crappo
- Slut
- Ritual
- I'm Bad
- Never Go Away
- Church
- Long Distance Runner
- Promise
- Goodbye Gary
- I Saw You Shoot Me
- Lime Slurpee
- G.I. Joe
- Family Way
- In Her Car
Fiona emerged from behind the drum kit to sing and play guitar with Greg on
"Goodbye Gary". I had never heard her sing before and I have to say that
she's a darn good singer. But the same can be said for Laura, Julie and
Greg. Julie's song "Lime Slurpee" was a nice treat, though that's the only
time she got up to the mike. The Crappo set ended around 12:30 am and I'm
assuming that The Brown Belts went on next, but I wasn't there. The next
time Elaine and I go to a gig, we're going to try to stay there til the very
end - honestly! Jale is having their farewell show at the Rivoli on Aug.29th
so we've got that date marked in our calendars, and if you live around
Toronto then you should too!


P.S. If anyone was at the Club Shanghai show, can you please post the name
of that male country singer if you know it? It's going to bug me forever and
ever. Later!