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Peace-A-Chord a success! (sunday anyway)

hey Sloan-folk!

Well the 1997 instalment of the Peace-A-Chord festival in St. John's has
come to a close and by all accounts seems to have been a rousing success!

The two day free festival in Bannerman Park featured over forty musical
performers, numerous speakers on various topics, dance troupes, drama
skits, etc.

Saturday was plagued by rain that played a major role in the attendance
which was considerably less than any PAC festivals I can remember in recent
years. Eventually the second stage had to be shut down for the rest of the
day due to a wash out. Great music for the die-hard fans though - Ched,
Molotov Smile, Good To Go, Jupiter Landing, and Fur Packed Action rounded
out the loud rock bands that played Saturday. And while the entertainment
was great, I don't think I saw one person in the park over the age of 25 -
I guess the "older folk" just don't want to hang out in the rain for any
local band.

Sunday was an absolute turn around, the sun was out all day (I actually got
a sunburn), temperatures around 30 degrees, great music all day long, and
Mike Campbell (MuchEast) stopped by to film and interview a few of the
locals. Saturday prooved to be a testament to what PAC is all about, people
relaxing in the park, playing frisbee, etc. People walking their dogs, kids
playing with painted faces. Many booths for various causes (mostly
politically correct world issue type booths). The second stage was in full
bloom with great dance, art and music being performed their all day aswell.
Highlights included PotatoBug (of course), The Keepers, Bucket Truck,
Trimmed Naval Beef, AstroGlossa, and Eco Cow just to name a few. I got to
see Sarah (another Sloannetter) have some guy try to eat her face while she
laughed on the ground (- sorry Sarah). ;^)

I think this was one of the more enjoyable PAC I've been to - even if
attendance wasn't quite as high as been in past years... Much East's
footage from the festival will air the first weekend in September (I think
- that is just what we were told).

That's it for the review - maybe Sarah will have something to add that I
missed! :^)
I'm really looking forward to next year!

Peace-A-Chord '96 compilation CDs are available from me!

19 bands recorded live at last years PAC all jammed into one great
little package. Highlights include: PotatoBug, Bucket Truck, Fur Packed Action,
The LizBand, and Ched just to name a few.

CDs are $12 plus $1 for postage - email me for your copy! :^)


Jud Haynes