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Re: OCTA in Japan??

At 02:47 PM 8/20/97 -0400, Satchel2\!/aol.com wrote:
>Does anyone know if OCTA has been released in Japan??
>I know Sloan wanted to do a tour of Japan, but I never
>heard if the record got released over there or not.  

Yes it has. What i want to know is if there's extra tracks on it like
rumored early this year.

>I have a friend who is the indie buyer for Tower Records
>in Tokyo, Japan.  She said that the Japanese record
>buying public goes nuts for indie/alternative/rock/pop
>I don't know if the record is out there or if Virgin
>is planning a release there, but I would love to talk
>to anyone affiliated with the band about getting
>the Sloan camp and Tower-Japan connected if
>they aren't stocked in Japan already.
>Well, TA for now.
>PS.  Another US tour?   When do these guys ever
>       get a break.  ;-)

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