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Crazy Money Party: Copland kicked a$$!!!(this one's a long one...)

Woo hoo! Just got back from the Crazy Money gig tonight -my face is still
warm from the watered down booze, and my hair stinks of stale smoke - but i
am still in high spirits. Were there any other Sloannetters there tonight,
other than me and Chrissie? Well as you may know, Copland and the Deadly
Snakes played a gig at the Shanghai Club here in Toronto. It's quite a small
venue, and the actual perfomances took place on a tiny stage, infront of a
dance floor complete with cheeze disco ball. Anyway, Copland took the stage
at 11:30pm and they were absolutely INCREDIBLE. If you didn't know, Matt
Murphy played guitar, Andrew Scott played bass, and Greg (ack, his last name
escapes me-sorry) from Crappo played drums. The guys played a fast pace,
non-stop 20 min set. They had performed sans shirts, and had people's names
scrawled on their bare chests in marker (I have no idea why...) They played
some cover tunes, like "Good Golly Miss Molly" - and during this song, Matt
had tried to coax Chris Murphy, who was standing in the audience, to sing
into the mic (which he didn't end up doing). 

Speaking of Chris, Chrissie and I had the fortunate luck of standing
directly behind Chris during the entire performance. Chris had casually
strolled right by Chrissie and I when we were walking to the club, but we
were too tongue tied to say anything. I didn't have the nerve to say
anything to Chris when he was standing next to me, because I thought it
would have been inappropriate to bug him for a picture and autograph, when
he's there to see his friends perform. Right? (Somebody out there agree with
me...please) Anyway, so Chris was standing to the left of me, and Laura
Borealis was standing to the right of me. Fiona Highet was standing directly
next to me on my right, cheering on Andrew. 

Once Copland finished their set, there was a half hour interlude where I had
watched Matt Murphy boogie with Fiona and some other chick on the
dancefloor. Chrissie managed to slip in a brief but pleasant conversation
with Laura Borealis at the bar, but I was too chicken s*** to say anything.
Afterwards, Laura joined Matt on the dancefloor and commenced boogying.
Chrissie and I went to go powder our noses in the ladies room, where I had
encountered Exan from YTV News fame. I chose not to say anything to her, as
she appeared to be busy doing her business in her stall. (sorry, too much
info there...) 

The Deadly Snakes finally got on stage around 12:20am, and they totally
whipped the audience into a frenzy (especially the guys in the first row -
Chrissie knows what i'm talking about...). Unfortuately, I was unable to
stay for the entire performance, because I am the only 20 yr old weenie who
still has a curfew. But I did manage to take a whole bunch of pictures of
the Deadly Snakes - Chris Murphy was standing directly next to me too, also
madly snapping away pictures. I think I did mangage to get of Murphy himself
in some of my pictures - whenever he would go into my camera view, I'd
quickly snap a picture of the back of his head...heh heh... Pathetic? Yes,
but hey - I just had to get a shot of him at the gig, or no one would have
believed me. Except for Chrissie :) Hopefully he didn't notice me doing that
to him - I think he might have, because soon after he moved out of the
crowd...Well if it annoyed him, someone tell him I'm sorry...

Anyway, just when Chrissie and I were heading out, we spotted Jay Ferguson
standing by the bar. Again, we didn't approach him because we felt it wasn't
the appropriate place or time. I sorta wish I did now... :( Well, overall
the gig was pretty good - I left the show a very happy camper. Copland was
definately the highlight for me, but it's too bad it was only a "one time
thing". If Sloan and the Super Friendz should ever cease to exist (*gasp*
god forbid) at least Andrew and Matt have a great little colaboration they
can fall back on. The Deadly Snakes were great too, although my eardrums
were beaten to a bloody pulp by their rip-roaring music riffs... (maybe I
shouldn't have stood infront of the speakers eh?) Chrissie and I are once
again making the trek to Club Shanghai tomorrow night to see Neco Case, The
Brown Belts and Crappo. Andrew I do believe, is in both the latter two bands
(correct? Yes? No? Maybe so?) Hopefully some of you Sloannetters will be
there too. Thank you Chris Trowbridge for putting together the show! And
good luck with Crazy Money Records! 


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