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Crazy Money Party

Dear Sloan-net,
	Toronto area Sloan-netters may be interested in the Crazy Money Records
Launch Party this Friday, August 22. It's at the Club Shanghai at 247
Spadina in Chinatown. It's free before 11 and $2 after 11. Bring I.D.
	Crazy Money is my label. We're releasing a Deadly Snakes 7" later this
fall. They recorded two songs with Brenndan McGuire today. Some of you
might have seen the Deadly Snakes when they opened for Sloan in Toronto at
the Varsity Arena earlier this year.
	The Deadly Snakes are performing at midnight. EAST COAST CONTENT: At
around 11:30, a special surprise band will play... COPLAND. Copland is Matt
 (guitar, Flashing Lights), Andrew (bass player, Crappo) and Greg (guitar,
Crappo and the Brown Belts). 
	By the way, Crappo are opening for Neko Case at the Horseshoe on Thursday
and the Club Shanghai on Saturday. 
	Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the party, the label or
The Deadly Snakes.
	I hope you can make it. 
		Chris Trowbridge