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Re: Hey Y'all..

Matth <matth\!/supernews.com> had this to say about Hey Y'all..

}Nope.... there was just nothing to say i guess.... that's happening too
}much lately.                          --Matt

Case in point.

Something's definitely wrong when, for example, Greg Clark & co. get
booted out of yet another bar and there's no discussion or even 
mention of it until almost a week later.

Hasn't anybody put out a new album this summer?

Hasn't any band member got a cute new s.o.?

Aren't any EC bands currently on tour, and worthy of review?

Aren't any gigs happening at little dives, or has our nightlife been 
reduced to reports of actor Michael Moriarty arguing about a 
waitress dumping his girlfriend's last call on the sidewalk?

Has this list totally degenerated into misdirected personal 
replies and reports of non-indie, commercial pop bands playing 
Southern Ontario?

The quieter, the better, I say.