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Re: Hey Y'all..

Great mail - great points - so here's the NFLD breakdown as I see it:

>Something's definitely wrong when, for example, Greg Clark & co. get
>booted out of yet another bar and there's no discussion or even 
>mention of it until almost a week later.

Sorry I didn't know anything about it.

>Hasn't anybody put out a new album this summer?
1. Drive - Jehovah's Witness Protection Program    released July 3rd
2. Peace-A-Chord '96 - compilation live CD            released August 13th
3. Gearbox - don't know the title                           will be
released next week (monday to be exact)
4. Good To Go/Molotov Smile - split 7"                 sometime in
September or October
5. Susan Gale - self-titled EP                                  this could
be out at any moment
6. Bucket Truck - as yet untitled                           plans are to be
released by Christmas
7. Spunk - as yet untitled                                     this CD is
rumoured to be out anytime now
8. The LizBand -                                                   Also
rumours are rampant that Liz and the gang are going                        
back into the studio very soon to record another CD.

more as I remember them...

>Hasn't any band member got a cute new s.o.?
We're all cute in NF, it's just part of the culture. :^) 

>Aren't any EC bands currently on tour, and worthy of review?
Burnt Black are here in St. John's this week and next. Smiley (Fredricton) 
just left St. John's yesterday as they played a few successful and very
entertaining shows at Junctions and the Edge. Ofcoarse we just had the
Great Big Picnic last weekend but I can't review because I had absolutely
no interest in going.

>Aren't any gigs happening at little dives, or has our nightlife been 
>reduced to reports of actor Michael Moriarty arguing about a 
>waitress dumping his girlfriend's last call on the sidewalk?

Peace-A-Chord is all this weekend in Bannerman Park, St. John's. It's FREE
folks so everyone is welcome. Entertainment starts at noon and runs till
10PM each day. Over fifty local acts will perform, key speakers,
environmental booths, and ofcourse Peace-A-Chord CDs will be for sale for
$12 (19 bands for $12 - good deal). 

Burnt Black play Saturday night at The Edge with St. John's locals Bucket
Truck and Ched.
The Burnt guys will also play the following weekend at Junctions... more on
that later.

Monday night is the CD release show for Gearbox at Junctions.

Tonight Fur Packed Action and Trimmed Naval Beef (two of NFs most funest
bands) play at Junctions.

>Has this list totally degenerated into misdirected personal 
>replies and reports of non-indie, commercial pop bands playing 
>Southern Ontario?


>The quieter, the better, I say.

Here me roar!


If your interested in NF bands on the web check this out:

http://www.bigkahoona.com/music   (only if you promise to stop by Bucket
Truck's site!)