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Re: Jale breakup imminent

alt.rawk. <bkroez\!/interlog.com> had this to say about Re: Jale breakup imminent

}i thought everyone already knew this but...the indie hour in toronto said
}that Jale (as they are now) are gonna change their name to the Vees and
}'reinvent' themselves. maybe i took it the wrong way and this this was a

They are slated to play HOM in September under that moniker.  I thus 
assumed it wasn't a breakup, but just a third name choice (remember, 
they started out as TAG) since so few of the letters were still in 
the band.

Then again, they could be inventing a hockey-playing punk alter ego 
a la the Hanson Brothers.

(EC injoke: the Vees (Voyageurs) were a Halifax-based Canadiens farm 
team in the 70s)