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Re: Jale breakup imminent

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Darryl wrote:

> sloannet,
> I can't believe this jale breakup thing hasn't
> sparked any emotions from fans here. I don't really
> know what to think. I mean, they have been having
> a hard time, and It may be that it IS time to move on.
> But will they start a new band? (I smell another website
> project comming on...) Will they stay in the music
> industry at all? ACK!

I guess I've been grieving privately ever since Colin M. sent the Jale 
`farewell' tour schedule to Sloannet. Jale (moreso than even Sloan) was 
what got me into the whole east coast pop scene in the first place and 
I will be sorry to see them go. Still I can count the Jale show(when they 
played with the Super Friendz) when they played in Toronto a couple of 
years ago as one of the BEST shows I ever saw.  I just recently got their 
new 7-inch on Sealed Fate records and they still amaze me! So does the 
breakup surprise me? Not really but I wish them luck in whatever they 
choose to do. (I just hope I can make their last show!)