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Re: Jale breakup imminent


>They are slated to play HOM in September under that moniker.  I thus 
>assumed it wasn't a breakup, but just a third name choice (remember, 
>they started out as TAG) since so few of the letters were still in 
>the band.

speaking of HoM, who's going to be playing there this year?  (in addition
to Yo La Tengo and Pansy Division...)  Is it safe to assume most of the
Halifax bands (with the exception of sfz), or are there some that aren't
playing???  Details folks, i need details...  

in other news, Julie Doiron will be touring next month.  I only know of
two dates so far - Wed. Sept 17 in Toronto (venue unknown) and Thurs. Sept
18 in Kitchener, Ontario, at Mrs. Robinson's (opening for the Mighty
Fisherman and Change of Heart).  And guess what?  The Wooden Stars will be
her backing band :) :) :) :)

(my one cent on the jale issue: to me, they were pretty much 'dead' when
Eve left the group, because i found her songs to be pretty integral to the
band's sound.  Oh well.  'Tis time for Veez and Cheticamp, i guess)

another EC music tidbit: Al Tuck is alive! (ok, not like i ever thought he
was dead, but....)  He's hoping to do some recording this fall, and was on
a tour that didn't quite work out...


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