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elevator to hell

   i'm doing a mail iview with Tara S'appart/eth (rick or mark might 
answer some of the questions) for cheshire and i need help!  we can only 
think of two questions.  Any questions you guys can think of are good, 
help me please!

 *Cheshire Zine*
 *Issue #1: Thrush Hermit interview, Star Wars, Chris Murphy's* 
 *moustashe, dumb/kewl/crazy dream analysis, reviews, crapp, more crapp*
 *Issue #2: Coming in late June will have interviews with Jay Ferguson* 
 *and Lynette Gillis, phobias, more crazy photo mutilation, zine* 
 *reviews, record reviews, + more*
 *email: away\!/nf.symaptico.ca *   
 * http://members.tripod.com/~cheshire_/index.html *