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More shows in St. John's and a new CD release.

hey Sloanfolk!

Just wanted everyone to know that the much anticipated Peace-A-Chord CD is
completed the manufacturing stages and is currently on route to
Newfoundland from Ontario. I will have them in my hands later this
afternoon and they will be in stores by Wednesday (in Newfoundland anyway).

Anybody who would like to order a copy via this wonderful world of the
internet should drop me an email or send a money order for $12 ppd to:

Peace-A-Chord CD, Kansas Khan Records, 1371 Torbay Road, Torbay, NF  A1K 1A1

Thursday night there will be a small release party at The Fishtank up on
the roof of Junctions with Good To Go, Bucket Truck and someone else (not
sure who yet). All proceeds from this show will go to CHMR 93.5 (the local
university radio station). 

Then Friday Bucket Truck play at the Rock Factory, a show that is only open
to members of the event so I would imagine that most of you don't

Then Saturday night there will be another Benefit concert for an individual
from Burma who would like to come to Canada to speak about problems back in
his home land. I believe that this show will be at the Edge and will
feature Spunk, Susan Gale, Ched and Bucket Truck.

So don't forget to get your Peace-A-Chord CD right away, this is a limited
run of 500 so vroom vroom!

Jud Haynes,
http://www.bigkahoona.com/buckettruck        (buckettruck)