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Re: chris murphy

somebody spoke:
>1)did blackpool release any cds with chris murphy and are they >still
available some how.
   They released a full-lengther called 'we the living'; it seems to float
perpetually in and out of used record shops these days.

>4)what movie was chris murphy in as a child star and was he an >important
character or was it just his elbow too.
   It's called 'the silent partner', I believe.  It was on TV many moons
ago and I watched it but couldn't find him... he plays a kid in a choir,
but I couldn't pick him out.  Anyone... anyone?

>P.S. did you ever notice that you can trust just about anyone on
>sloannet. that is so great that complete strangers can connect with
>other people and trade stuff and so on and not worry about being >ripped
  Yes yes, we're all wicked like candles.  Except for a boy who calls
himself Oblivious Lad, who I know is out there somewhere and has my 10
bucks and hasn't sent me my cd.  I know where you live, buddy.
                get lucky,

ps. Thanks for the tape, Jane - I got it today :)