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Re: astronavigation

At 11:30 AM 8/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone know what the deal is with Astronavigation?  Have they shut
>down or moved or something lately?  If anyone has a email address for the
>label, it'd be greatly appreciated.  One thing, has anyone recieved the ETH 
>"Parts 4-5" tape or are they still waiting for it like me?
>			Thanks people,
>					Paul.

I was under the impression that astronavigation is in a bit of a hiatus
right now, I believe the person who runs it is unfortunatly in the midst of
a divorce.  Sending out cassettes are probably the last thing on his mind
right now, I know it sucks for us who want 4-5, but considering...
I think there was one shippment of cassettes send out because two of my
friends received theirs, so I guess he was just getting around to it.
Anyone else know?
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