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Black Pool/Twice Removed/Looking for Roger Nelson

Hey, did anyone catch Much East tonight?? They played two old videos by 
Black Pool (I forget the names of them) when Chris Murphy and Matt 
Murphy were still part of the group (at different periods of course...) 
The first one was a black and white one and Chris is virtually 
unrecognisable, with his long shoulder-length hair and a cap on. The 
next video had Matt Murphy without his usual trademark cow licks. The 
funny thing was that both of the guys were so incredibly subdude and 
unimposing (if that's the correct word to describe it) in the videos - 
you would have never guessed by watching the vids that years later they 
would both be infamous for their overzealous Pete Townsend arm spins and 
karate leg kicks during their on-stage performances. You can still catch 
the vids later tonight at 3:30am.

About the post for Twice Removed being on sale - I saw it for even 
cheaper at Music World here in Toronto - $9.99 for the cd!! Can you 
believe that? Total blasphemy in my opinion - the best Canadian album of 
all time, and it gets stuck with a bargain sticker price. If you haven't 
gotten the cd yet and you live in T.O, all the power to you...

Sorry to be dredging personal business up, but I'm looking for a guy 
named Roger Nelson who lives in N.S.- he used to be on Sloan Net, and he 
was supposed to send me some things through the mail. It's been over a 
month, and I haven't heard a peep from him. If you know him, ask him for 
me what the heck is going on. Thanks.

Sorry for blabbing - I'll shut up now.

Elaine :)
P.S. I promise to email back the millions of people whom I haven't 
responded to yet... 

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