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re: yo la tengo in halifax.

I can confirm Yo La Tengo being in Halifax to.  I just spent the last month
in the U.K, and I saw Yo La Tengo in Glasgow, Scotland in a old church.
After the show I talked with Ira and got him to sign the set list.  Anyway,
he said yo La Tengo were coming to Halifax in September, and asked if I
lived close to there (I told him I lived in Nfld).  I hoped I could be the
first to report this.  Anyway, they were realy great.  Ira's guitar playing
is mind-blowing!  See them if you can.  Just to get an idea of what they'd
possibly play, here's the set list for the Glasgow show.

        My Little Corner of the World (I Can Hear The Heart Beating As
        I Heard You Call (Painful, 1994)
        Sugarcube (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        We're an American Band (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        Shadows (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        Stockholm Syndrome (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        Autumn Sweater (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        False Alarm (Electro-Pura, 1996)
        Deeper Into Movies (ICHTHBAO, 1997)
        Blue Line Swinger (E-P, 1996)
        Encore: Speeding Motorcycle (Daniel Johnston tune, sung by announcer?)

        It's nice to be back on Sloannet.