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jale in Waterloo

Hey, folks,

Time for another Ramona house party... The Korova Cafe's still barred from
doing rock shows (we're fighting it, which is a post for another day), so
we're taking over this really big student house on 351 Dale Crescent,

The lineup:
jale (the greatly revamped lineup)
The New Grand (on their cross-Ontario basement tour)
Milhouse (formerly Curb)

Wednesday, August 27
351 Dale Cres. Waterloo (the same place as the June 12 Tristan Psionic show)
8PM-ish - 11 PM (and if you don't *show up* late, we won't *start* late...

And, as usual, all-ages, $5 at the door. BYOB/BYOwhateveryouwant. Space is
kinda limited, so show up early. Anyone who wants to meet the bands
beforehand, email me about joining in on the potluck supper...

Info call me \!/ (519) 725-3047. I'm happy to email driving directions to
anyone who needs 'em. (Dale is off of University Ave. E, north of the
Blockbuster Video; the #12 bus gets ya there.)