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feeling sappy or sookie i am not.


i'm late on this one,
but last wednesday
i saw the Sappy Tour in St. Catherines, Ontario.  
it was in a fallout shelter called the vault.  

Lonnie James played first, and was super.  i've heard comments from many,
saying he's boring, stoopid, etc....   well i like him cos he's so damn
different.   i don't go to shows to watch the same mundane tunes.  that's
what is great about Lonnie.  different.  not afraid to be up there.  anyone
have a copy of a tape he talked about at HoM last year???    

peter parkers were good.  were bordering on airy guitar, but i didn't hear
it all too well over the grind and yelling.  the bass player had a Patrick
Pentland face, but had his head shaved. glasses, nose and even chin.  

julie played third.  she was so very subtle and quiet that she was being
drowned out frequently by _every_ noise coming from the bathroom.  people,
people.  hit the side of the toilet, not the water:)  she was having a ton
of trouble keeping tuned, and near the end, she wouldn't perfrom the last
three "older" songs if her guitar wasn't right. she got it.  

and i guess i'll mention the wooden stars.
they were the *stars* of the night.  the vocalist was similar sounding to
the lead of Catherine Wheel.  but had a bit more speed.  the beat was like a
stop-lurch-sudden stop beat of archers of loaf.  foot didn't stop tapping.

today i walk into buffalo's neighborhood friendly indie shop

and paging through the tiny bin of 7"s, i find the new JALE 7" on Sealed
Fate Records.  
side A: "True What You Say"--Laura.  slow deep mellow sounding
side B: "From A Still"--Mike and Jennifer sing together.  Cheticamp guitar,
slow moving, long but faster than side A.

when i was handing over my clams, i ask if they can retrieve the first ETH
album for me, and he says yeah, and shuffles behind the stereo and pulls out 
a Promo copy of 
Julie Doiron: "Lonilest In The Morning" 

14 songs, 35 minutes. 

haven't listened to it yet, any requests on a review, i'll listen to it and
write back.....