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anyone who's anyone?

helloooo out there :)

i, with the eternal wandering mind, came up with a little something today.

Did you know that Sloan is two (2) degrees from Kevin Bacon?

For this example, we'll count Andrew Scott and Sloan as the same entity 
(but if you'd like to differentiate the two, then Sloan is three (3) 
degrees from Kevin Bacon).

Andrew Scott was in _To Die For_ with Illeana Douglas.  Illeana Douglas 
is in _Picture Perfect_ with Kevin Bacon.  

And I found out that Fiona Highet (although i'm not certain if this is 
the same Fiona in the "Everything You've Done Wrong" vid, but i'm 
guessing it is) was in _The Stupids_ with Mark Metcalfe, who was in a 
National Lampoon movie (from the late 70s?) with Kevin Bacon.

I also figured out a link between the Super Friendz and Kevin Bacon, 
but to find out, i am bribing you visit my webpage.  heehee :)  (the 
URL is in the sig)

hey, this means that i'm (as well as several others on this list) three 
degress from Kevin Bacon!  yay music videos! :)

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