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Re: anyone who's anyone?

Since it is early and I have been off Coffee for a week now and this "star"
string is funny I will add my two cents worth.

Hey Star searchers.... just in case you did not know Mr. Chris Murphy, as a
child actor, was in the Canadian Classic "the Silent Partner"  go rent it
now and see if you can find him in the film.

Fiona also plays the editor in The Hardy Boys TV show.
there ya go.

At 5:15 AM -0000 8/6/1997, DDYW\!/aol.com wrote:
>>Andrew Scott was in _To Die For_ with Illeana Douglas.
>No way, really?  Now I must rent it at once.
>>Fiona Highet (although i'm not certain if this is
>>the same Fiona in the "Everything You've Done Wrong" vid, but i'm
>>guessing it is)
>'tis she.               *jane


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