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new elevator to hell/julie doiron/moon socket

just in case anyone is interested.  i've listed the track listings and
etc... for the new elevator to hell, julie doiron and moon socket releases.

julie doiron "loneliest in the morning" (sub pop cd/lp. released date: 08/26/97)
 1.so fast 
 2.dance me
 3.sorry I
 4.tell you again
 6.crying baby
 8.tonight we sleep 
10.love to annoy
11.creative depression
12.sorry II
13.condescending you
14.le soleil

as i'm sure most of you are aware, julie used to go under the name of broken
the album was recorded late 96 in memphis at easley studios and it sounds
great.  the songs are still pretty sparse and mellow but there are a bunch
of guests who add drums, slide guitar, bass & etc...if you liked the first
broken girl cd or any of her other stuff then you'll love the new one as
it's her best recordings yet.  the only "old" song is the new recording of
"so fast" which appeared on "more of our stupid noise".  julie's on tour
right now and she'll also be touring in september.

elevator to hell "eerieconsiliation" (sub pop cd/lp. release date: 08/26/97)
 1.the cloud
 2.to breath
 3.every channel
 7.bad thoughts coming down
 9.sleep experiment #1
11.fifties lady
12.here to here
13.the time is grey
14.the hole
15.second conscience
16.i've gone for a ride

this new eth album is a "full band" recording with rick, tara & mark.  the
album is a continuation of the heavier, darker, psychedelic sound of the
last few recordings.  the only "old" song is "backteeth" which as a
different version was released on the "backwards may" 7" last year.  again,
if you're into eth than the album won't be a dissapointment.  if you're
still stuck in eric's trip mourning.  get over it.

moon socket "take the mountain" (squirtgun cd out now)
 1.three days 'till i'm home
 2.more like you
 3.in your dreams
 4.another girl
 5.trees and breeze
 6.bright blue sky
 7.double dare
 8.space and time
10.stupid shyness
11.show you everything
12.come back to me
13.fearless god complex

the new moon socket cd is pretty much a "full band" recording with chris and
ron with home recordings by chris at home.  the "full band" songs are in
more of a pop vein than the eric's trip fuzz although "double dare" was
written for eric's trip and you can tell.  the album was recorded in halifax
at the super friendz rehearsal space this past march.  we're hoping to get
the socket on tour for september.

if anyone wants anymore info, just send me an e-mail.


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